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General Practice

INSURANCE: We represent clients in all insurance-related matters: Auto insurance, Property Insurance, Third Party Liability Insurance, Life Insurance, Aviation insurance and Reinsurance.

ARBITRATION: Arbitration has gradually become an attractive and popular alternative to dispute resolution in the United States. Success in arbitration generally requires an understanding of the principles and the rules or specific arbitration. We possess the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to successfully represent our clients in various types of commercial arbitration, including trade and international affairs.

BANKING, FINANCE & SECURITIES: We provide legal services such as arranging, consulting and drafting various types of contracts, including those used in loans, guarantees, trusts, foreign exchange and derivative financial products.

CIVIL LITIGATION: We represent clients in all aspects of civil litigation in our areas of practice by assisting clients seeking to bring lawsuit or sue or to defend themselves in state or federal courts, or before municipalities or administrative agencies or the immigration courts. We are aggressive in our approach and effectively pursue and defend our clients’ interests.

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53 West Jackson Boulevard,

Suite 1340,

Chicago, Illinois 60604

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